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4. Educational Drone Package

Overview of the Program

Features of the Program

Description of the Drone Products

Package of the Educational Drone

Program for After School Classes

Contact with WIZWING

Drone One Set

Drone + Controller

Drone Theory Learning + Drone Manufacturing + Flying Drone + Drone Sports + Drone Aerial Shot + Drone Coding

(In order to have a coding class for drones other than camera drones, additional camera modules must be purchased)

Drone Weeks Retail Price Contents

Cube70, A16 Drone, Mini Racing Drone

6-8 Weeks 70,000won Drone Basic Course : Basic Drone Control, Advanced Drone Control, Dreone Obstacle Raced, ect
Soccer Ball Drone V1, V2 8-10 Weeks 80,000won Drone Basic Course + Various Drone Sports such as Drone Soccer
Camera Drone, Thebook150 Camera Drone 1-14 Weeks 80,000won Drone Basic Course + Smartphone Control, Drone Aerial Shot, Drone Coding, Drone autonomous flight


Additional Frame Set

Because most of the Wizwing’s drones are compatible with the controller and the main board, the addition of the frame set allows you to experience a variety of drones with additional lecture times.

Different kinds of drones produced by disassembled drone’s main board, motors, propellers and the battery.

Drone Weeks Retail Price Contents

Drone Frame Set

2-4 Weeks 10,000won Creating and controlling another drone CUBE 70, Mini Racing Drone, Soccer Ball Drone( 4 weeks)Camera Drone(No Camera Included)
Soccer Ball Drone V1, V2 2 Weeks 10,000won Creating and Controlling RC Products RC Bumper Car, RC Hovercraft, RC Aircraft
Camera Drone, Thebook150 Camera Drone 2 Weeks 10,000won Creating My Creative Drone Create drones by providing only existing parts and bringing materials tudents want


Add Camera Module

All of the Wizwing’s drones have a built-in Wi-Fi camera connector on the main board, which allows them to be connected to the camera module and secured with tape.

You can use soccer ball drones or CUBE 70 to install a Wi-Fi camera module to take Drone Aerial Shot and coding classes like camera drones.

  Weeks Retail Price Contents

Camera Module

4-8 Weeks 20,000won

Smartphone Control, Motion Control, Photo & video Filming, Drone Coding and autonomous flight



Other Materials for Class

Hovering Practice Tool is a Drone Controlling tool for students who have never flown a drone in the first time of drone Control. VR box is a tool that helps with camera classes.

The experimental set is designed to break down the main board, motors, propellers and battery of drone, make the experimental set, and produce the drone again to continue the class.

Frame Set Week Retail Price Contents

Hovering Practice Tool

1 3,000won Safe and convenient basic drone control practice tool
VR box 2 5,000won Virtual Reality with camera module and Drone FPV Experience Class
Gyro sensor Experimental Seesaw frame Set
1 5,000won Gyro Seesaw experimental device for understanding the principles of Gyro sensor
Action-Reaction Experimental Frame Set 1 5,000won Experimental device for understanding the principle of helicopter and principle of action-reaction


Example 1) Material Composition for 17th classes

CUBE70 + Soccer Ball Drone Frame Set+ My Own Drone + RC Car + Hovering Practice Tool => 90,000won(Retail Price, VAT included)

Materials Weeks Contents
CUBE 70 8 Creating CUBE 70 Drone, Basic Drone Control, Advanced Drone Control, Drone Sports and Games
RC Car 2 Disassembling CUBE 70, Creating RC Car, RC Car Racing and Game, Disassembling RC Car
My Own Drone 2 Design My Creative Drone, Material Preparation, Creating My Creative Drone, My Own Drone Control
Soccer Ball Drone 2 Creating Soccer Ball Drone, Drone Soccer 1:1, Drone Soccer 3:3, Drone Curling, Various Drone Game such as Drone Musical Chair Game

Example 2) Material Composition for 17th classes

Camera Drone + Soccer Ball Drone Frame Set + VR Box + RC Car => 100,000won(Retail Price, VAT included)

Materials Weeks Contents
Soccer Ball Drone 8 Creating Soccer Ball Drone, Basic Drone Control, Advanced Drone Control, Drone Sports and Games, Drone Soccer Practice and Competition
RC Car 2 Disassembling Soccer Ball Drone Creating RC Car, RC Car Racing and Game Disassembling RC Car
Camera Drone + VR Box 7 Creating Camera Drone, Wi-Fi Camera Installed Smartphone Control, Photo & Video Filming, UCC (User created contents) Video Virtual Reality, Drone FPV Experience Basic Drone Coding, autonomous flight Drone, Creating a Drone Group Dance
Soccer 8 Soccer ball drone production, drone control basics, drone control advanced, drone sports and drone game experience, Drone soccer practice and drone soccer tournament


  Other Meterials for Class
Material Retail Price Size and Specifications
5 Port USB Charger 20,000 won 5 Port multi Charger for multiple devices
5 Port Multi Charger 6,500won 5 simultaneous charging of batteries for drones
Battery 6,000won 3.7V 500mAh
Obstacles 5,000won Using for Obstacle Race and Drone Soccer Net
       5 Port USB Charger                        5 Port Multi Charger                                            Obstacles
* The Combination of 5 Port USB Charger and 5 Port Multi Charger enables the charging of 25 batteries simultaneously