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2. Features of the Program · Air craft · RC · Coding Convergence Program



Overview of the Program

Features of the Program

Description of the Drone Products

Package of the Educational Drone

Program for After School Classes

Contact with WIZWING

DIY Drone Set Best Optimized for Education frome the Beginning of Design Stage

  • Drone completed by just tightening connectors and a few screws
  • Anyone can assemble and separate easily, so A/S on their own
  • Using soft materials that do not break easily for external parts such as ducts, ball guards, and wheels.
  • A safe and convenient structure for training drones that can be controlled with confidence.





Special features for step – by – step training

  • Offering hovering practice tools for the beginners of drone control
  • Manual Control (Dynamic Versions of Controlling) / Automatic control (First-time mode, Auto-hovering, etc.)
  • Function that operate a single motor simplifies faults-finding
  • Automatic left/right rotation functions make advanced pilot technology easier
  • Basic Features Support – 4 Speed Control, 360 Degree Rotation, Headless, Trimming mode
  • When installing the camera module – Smartphone control, Drone FPV, Drone Aerial shot, drone coding




RC Car / RC Air craft Mode Including

  • Drones transforming into RC car to experience car racing 
  • Making RC Air craft freely roiling the sky
  • Transforming into RC hovercraft and racing
  • without wheels on any floor
  • Various kinds of RC Frame Sets
  • Safe and robust Eva Material Framing Set


Producing RC products with the main board, motors and propellers of a drone disassembled and Controlling them with drone Controller. RC mode built in the main board and the controller.



Building My Creative Drone

  • Students design My Creative Drone by themselves
  • Students make a Drone with their own materials
  • Holding an Online national Drone Creation Contest Every year




 Drone Coding

  • Fun and Easy Block Coding Using Smartphone and Tablets
  • Offering Coding Cards for Unplugged Coding Classes
  • autonomous flight with Drone Coding / Drone Group Dance / Coding Game / Various Missions
  • Understanding of SW / What is Algorithm? Computer Principles / Unplugged Activities

   A variety of Activities including Drone Sports, Scientific Experiments and Drone Games