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1. Overview of the Drone · Air craft · RC · Coding Convergence Program

Overview of the Program

Features of the Program

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  • WIZWING’s Education Program is designed for handling Drone, Aircraft, Remote Control Car and Coding in a single semester.  Various active experiences using drones are unique characteristics of the program.
  • Students can learn and experience the basics of drones and aviation with educational drone and Gliders. They can build and drive C car, RC hovercraft, and RC Aircraft as well through a variety of transformation functions. 
  • In addition, they will learn and experience not only how sensors and components of drones work but also Smartphone-control, Drone Aerial shot, and even making UCCs with Camera Drone.
  • Coding using drones makes SW education much more fun and exciting.   Our program all covers autonomous flight through drone coding, learning algorithms through  various missions, planning and making Drone Group Dance Video for YouTube.

All of these are included in WIZWING’s Drone · Air craft · RC · Coding Convergence Education Program.

  Educational Objectives and effects


  • Easy Access to drone and drone technology which are the core of 4.0 Industry
  • Understanding of Structure and principles of Drone and Aircraft
  • The Usage, Direction of developments, and current technological status of UAVs
  • Experiencing how to acquire and utilize drone piloting skills
  • Experiencing various drone sports and games using many kinds of drones
  • Improving creativity and challenging spirit with your own design and production of drones
  • Understanding and experiencing the principles of implementing various electric devices using drone boards
  • Smartphone control, drone aerial shooting, VR and FPV experiences
  • Producing autonomous flight and drone group dance with drone coding
  Teaching Method


  • Different kinds of classes by level (using the Hovering Practice Tool / Automatic Mode Control / Manual Mode Control)
  • Organized practicing class for flying drone such as one-hand control/two-hands control/basic control/ advanced functions of control
  • Understanding the operating principles of drones / Experiencing the principles of drones and utilization of drone’s each part and sensor
  • Various experiences including drone sports, RC cars, RC aircrafts, Gliders, VR boxes, coding, etc.
  • Usage of educational DIY drones having various shapes and features
  • My Creative Drone contest, UCC contest for drone Aerial shot and drone group dance contest
  • From Making all materials, drones and controllers to finding faults and repairing them by yourself

Teaching Method

  Creativity  ㅡㅡㅡ  Having Creative Thinking through producing drones by yourself, making them transform into RC cars, and creating My Creative Drone

  Concentration ㅡㅡㅡ  Improving Concentration through Making/Disassembling/Reparing  an educational D.I.Y Drone Improving Concentration through drone controlling and various sports experiences that requires fine senses

  Brain Development  ㅡㅡㅡ  Learning how to think, apply and develop through understanding and utilizing the principles of various sensors, parts, flying and transforming of a drone

  Reasoning Skill  ㅡㅡㅡ  Problem-solving skill through building, checking and repairing with sensors and parts of drone by themselves Learning how to discuss through sharing what they can do with what they’ve learned

  Logical Reasoning Skill  ㅡㅡㅡ  Increasing Logical thinking skill through convergence training of drone and coding such as autonomous flight, autonomous flight, motion control, algorithms SW education, and drone group dancing

  Cooperation  ㅡㅡㅡ  Experiencing a cooperating class with various fun sports, games, and missions

  Problem Solving Skill   ㅡㅡㅡ  Self building, self disassembling, and self A/S to develop problem-solving